How does training and exercise improve my mental health?

In summary

In this video, we look at what it is about sport, training, and exercise that actually improves our mental health and what are the things we should be looking to achieve personally and with the people that we care about.

Mental Health is such a hot topic right now with 1 in 4 people in the world being affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives (according to the WHO). Mental Health statistics like this places mental health issues as one of the leading causes of ill-health worldwide.

The good news is that the fight is gradually being won with more physical activity, exercise and just looking after our health. So here at Amino Drinks, we believe the more awareness that we can draw to the benefits of sports and exercise on mental health the better!

According to a Sport England study, there are 4 ways in which regular sport, training and exercise are good for your mental health.

Benefits of exercise on mental health:

  1. Mood - Physical activity and exercise improves our mood.
  2. Stress - We can reduce stress with regular activity and exercise.
  3. Self-esteem - Exercise builds confidence and improves our self-esteem.
  4. Depression and anxiety - Exercise can be a treatment for depression and helps reduce anxiety.

Key takeaway

Evidence shows that physical activity and exercise reduces stress, boosts your mood, build confidence and self-esteem, reduces anxiety and can be a treatment for depression. However, although everyone knows that exercise is good for you, more awareness is needed on the profound impact exercise can have on the common mental health issues. You also don’t need to be fanatical about your fitness to reap the benefits on your mental wellbeing, simply a bit more walking or gardening can lead to more awake, calmer and contented individuals.

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