Episode 4: How to run a gym or become a PT

In Episode 4 of Amino Biohacks, Simon speaks to Tim Ayling about being a gym owner and PT.

Episode 1: Fitness and nutrition tips from celebrity trainer Matt Baker

In Episode 1 of Amino Biohacks, Simon speaks to Matt Baker on some of his favourite fitness and nutrition tips that...

Muscle building training secrets from Arnold classic winner 2019 Brandon Curry

There is no better way to learn about how to build big muscles but from the guys that do it best. In this video artic...

How to drink alcohol when training

Here at Amino, the team are always looking to find ways in which we can optimise our bodies to perform better. And a...

How can I make sure I’m building muscle?

In this video, we look at a strategy you can use to help make sure you are on track when looking to build muscle mass...

How do strong men grow so much muscle?

In this video, we look at how strongmen build so much muscle and why eating and excess of energy in the form of food ...

How can Amino improve my performance?

Find out how essential amino acids could potentially help you recover from bouts of training and why you should consi...

Not Growing Muscle Fast Enough? Learn The Nutrition Behind Muscle Growth (2019)

If muscle building is your key focus then this video is must watch.  There are several key scientific nutrition princ...
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