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Jun 25, 2020

How To Stick To Your Workout Goals

Losing body fat isn’t easy. While getting started with exercise is hard, it can also be a struggle to maintain your motivation for long periods.  The key to sustained fat loss is to find consistency so you keep the habit up for the long game. Here's how to stick with it. 

Apr 8, 2020

Drop A Waist Size Plan

Forget fad diets! Let's talk about how you can achieve realistic weight loss… You’ve probably seen it before “Drop a dress size in two weeks!” splashed across internet advertising, magazines, newspapers, television programs. The concept is so appealing – a whole dress size down in 14 days? Brilliant! But in real life, this is simply not realistic.

Nov 5, 2019

What Is The Best Way To Train To Get Leaner?

In this video we look at what is the best way to train if you want to get leaner and some of the strategies around how to drop body fat, especially if you're just starting out 

Sep 24, 2019

How can I make fat loss sustainable?

In this video, we look at how you can make fat loss sustainable by just changing your setup and the way you view it to focus on commitment, over motivation. The key to being successful in most domains in life comes down to consistency and the same applies for fat loss.  The way to find this consistency is to find something or a reason greater than yourself to keep you locked in the routine. It creates a level of commitment that has much stronger staying power than just motivation alone.  Commitment is more powerful than motivation over time. Commit to win. 

Jul 16, 2019

What Is MyFitnessPal And How Can It Help Me Get Leaner?

In this video and article, we look at some of the reasons why using a fitness and nutrition tracker can help you lose fat.

Jan 8, 2019

How To Design Your Training Program

The key to achieving your goals is in your training program.  In this article we explain how to design and structure your plan so you see results – fast.
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