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Who are we

We're Simon and Samantha, the brother-and-sister team who were inspired to create Amino when we became fed up with the sports performance products on offer. Not ones to settle, we decided it was time that something better came along... the rest is history. 


Tasty and effective science-driven drinks.

Samantha and Simon worked with industry experts, using cutting-edge research and the latest in food technology, to find ways to not only provide the world with effective, tasty and simple-to-use sports nutrition but also deliver the know-how and motivation needed to improve performance and health.

They eventually focussed on the amazing power of amino acids. Why? Because amino acids build proteins and proteins build bodies. Smart combinations of different amino acids can be used to target specific goals for the mind and body.

And so Amino was born. We started creating delicious amino-acid-based drinks that help you think, feel and perform at your best.

drink amino products on beach

You control your journey.
Let amino acids be your fuel.

drink amino athlete running up mountain


Staying active and healthy is tough.

Our mission is to positively influence long-term health. By creating effective, science-driven products – delivered alongside know-how and inspiration – we help to transform how you look, feel and perform.

Using free-form amino acids combined with guilt-free ingredients, we make products that conveniently deliver targeted results to active bodies.

What are amino acids and why do we need them

WhY amino acids?

You may have seen amino acids mentioned on the back of sports nutrition powders and drink mixes, but amino acids play a much larger role than athletic performance alone. So, what are amino acids and why do you need them?

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